1. Selection Principle

First and foremost it was necessary to choose stories that are likely to arouse young peoples´ interest, to serve as subjects of discussion, and maybe motivate them to delve more thoroughly into the Australian literature.

Secondly, the stories have been chosen because the writers are all renowned and skilful experts of their craft, each having his/her personal style and subjects.

Thirdly, the stories offer a great variety of different subject matters and of narrative modes. Finally, they are supposed to represent different aspects of Australian life.

It goes without saying that their arrangement should be regarded as a guideline, for each story is a homogeneous whole and thus the teacher or the students may make their own selection. Therefore the "Introduction" to the "Students´ Book" gives a succinct characterization of each story.

Besides the linguistic gain provided by the reading of the short stories, they will contribute to a more profound insight into the Australian culture, history and the problems the country has to cope with.







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1. Selection Principle



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