1. Plot (synopsis)

Green-eyed Franky Pierson, the daughter of a famous football star turned sportscaster, is fourteen years old when she ends up at a hard heavy-metal rock party where she is the youngest person. In a frightening situation, she discovers “Freaky Green Eyes“, a secret stronger side to herself, when she successfully defends herself against the attempt of an older boy to rape her.
Seeing her anger, the boy accuses her of having "freaky green eyes". Since then, Freaky Green Eyes becomes Franky´s second self and helps her deal with the unsettling events in her family. Reid Pierson, who is well liked and popular with his fans, is at home a cold and controlling father and husband regarding his wife Krista, who is fond of artistic activities, as his arm candy who can only do as he allows her. Trying her best to establish a life away from the controlling obsessions of her husband, Krista moves to a cottage in a harbor community where she pursues her art. Being only home when dad is away she assures her children that she loves them and their father, but that she cannot live without her own space. In spite of her father´s irrational moodiness Franky adores him, but blames her mother for deserting her family and she has very little understanding of the true situation. In the course of time, she even resents her mother more and more and agrees with her father, who tells his children that their mother does no longer care about them, because of a new lover in her life. However, after her mother´s mysterious disappearance "Freaky“ opens Franky´s eyes to the truth of a horrible family tragedy.

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Joyce Carol Oates, Freaky Green Eyes


1. Plot (synopsis)


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