Teacher's Book

1. Didictic and Methodical Considerations

"Although 'Morality Play' is a medium-sized novel, however, it is relatively long as a school reader and students may have difficulties with its vocabulary. Taking these facts into account, the Teacher´s Book offers suggestions for intensive and extensive reading.

The linear, chronological progression of events as well as the lucid organization of the novel´s subject matter allow the teacher the opportunity to arrange its study in class into thematic units.

As a rule, these teaching units are introduced either by a concise interpretation or by specific background information. As the units present more aspects than the teacher can deal with in class, they will enable him or her to make a personal selection. The 'Teaching Suggestions' which follow each interpretation or background information are intended merely as a guideline." (excerpt from the Introduction)

  Morality Play Teacher's Book Cover  

Barry Unsworth, Morality Play, Teacher's Book


1. Didactic and Methodical Considerations

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