1. Objective

The predominance of Great Britain and North America in the English lessons at German schools has for a long time impeded the breakthrough of Australia, the smallest continent but the sixth largest country on Earth.

The exotic background, the multicultural society, the history, and the literature of this English-speaking country, have not yet been adequately opened up for students of English.

Meanwhile the world has become smaller, for on the one hand the flight duration over a distance of about 20,000 km between Europe and Australia has constantly been reduced and on the other hand the rapid development of the electronic communication media has put an end to the 'tyranny of distance'.

Today even authentic material from overseas is accessible to everybody on the internet, and the increasing number of exchange visits and the growing interest in travelling to Australia, have all contributed to make 'down under' more and more popular with students.

There is no doubt that the short stories presented in this collection can only offer a very small selection of the great number and variety of Australian short stories. However, this short anthology may be a welcome motivational factor for young people and perhaps clear the path for a more thorough occupation with this country and its literature.




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Short Stories from Down Under


1. Objective



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