2. Subjects and Settings (Synopsis)


This collection of twentieth-century short stories from Australia gives an overview of the genre "down under". The stories depicting scenes from urban, rural, and Aboriginal Australia deal not only with the lives and fates of White Australians but also with that of the Aborigines and recent immigrants.

The first group of stories, "Neighbours" (1985) by Tim Winton and "The Lottery" (1943) by Marjorie Barnard, is set in an urban or suburban environment.

Nature as a backdrop, a threat or a source of regeneration plays a great role in the second group of stories: "Trees can Speak" (1956) by Alan Marshall, "The Children" (1972) by John Morrison, and "Pride and Joye" (1979) by Morris Lurie.

The third group of stories, "Marlene" (1941) by Katharine Susannah Prichard, "Pension Day" (1986) by Archie Weller, and "Heart is where the Home is" (1987) by Thea Astley, deals with the Aborigines and their problems.



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Short Stories from Down Under


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